Given the global Covid19 emergency, we are staying productive and working from home. We are keeping physical distance but maintaining social solidarity. We need social cohesion and empathy more than ever during these testing times. Stay home & stay safe!

Watch our short video on Life Skills for Resilience in Times of Covid-19; and see which life skills can help us and our loved ones cope with the epidemic. Click here for the video!

Kindly with peace & love,

SeeD Team

What we do

The Centre for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development (SeeD) works with international development organisations, governments and civil society leaders to design and implement people-centred and evidence-based strategies for promoting peaceful, inclusive and resilient societies. Working in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, we provide social transformation policy recommendations that are rooted in citizen engagement strategies and an empirical understanding of the behaviours of individuals, groups and communities. Our approach focuses on understanding the root causes of societal problems by developing an evidence-based theory of change which is empirically tested. We work in five thematic areas: social cohesion and reconciliation, youth inclusion, gender empowerment, governance and anti-corruption and urban cohesion.