Over the years SeeD has benefited from the advice of several experts and specialists who have all helped build our organisation. We would like to acknowledge their different contributions.

Professor Dr. Ahmet Sozen is among the founding fathers of SeeD and contributed substantively to the design of the SCORE Index, from which our evidence-based policy design methodology evolved and grew. Dr. Sozen worked with SeeD under different capacities from Research Director to Policy Advisor, and continues to support our efforts and projects in Cyprus. He participated in the Cyprus peace-negotiations, and has been active in track II peace and democratization initiatives. He has provided training in conflict resolution, mediation and peacebuilding and has designed policy recommendations based on participatory research. He is a Professor of International Relations at the Eastern Mediterranean University, Director of the Cyprus Policy Center, and a member of the Greek-Turkish Forum.

Assoc. Prof. Giorgos Kentas, worked as a Senior Researcher Security Dialogue Initiative in Cyprus and is one of SeeD’s Cyprus policy advisors and liaison with European institutions in Brussels. He is an Associate Professor of International Politics and Governance at the University of Nicosia and Director of a Graduate Program in Public Administration. He served as a member of the EU Consent and FONET, two research groups funded by the European Commission, and he also worked with the European Council on Foreign Relations on EU’s Common Security and Defense Policy.

Jeannine Suurmond worked as peacebuilding advisor for GIZ in Nepal from 2011 to 2016, and as part of this assignment she implemented the SCORE Index in Nepal in 2015. Jeannine. She helped SeeD design new applications, indicators and helped develop the theoretical foundations of our methodology, while strengthening institutional learning and practice. Jeannine provides trainings on healing, mediation, and reconciliation to various organizations including the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), the Transcultural Psychosocial Organization (TPO), and the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Cambodia.

Dr Nicolas Jarraud helped to design the original SCORE Index and led the process to implement the index in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2014. Dr Jarraud continues to support evidence-based peacebuilding efforts globally. He has an extensive experience in supporting peacebuilding programmes worldwide with the United Nation. Nicolas advises SeeD on environmental fragility issues relating to conflict and good governance. He is the Assistant Vice President of the Cyprus Institute.

Oksana Lemishka joined SeeD in 2017 and transitioned into Ukraine Programme Lead position in 2018 - 2020 as the country programmes expanded. Oksana oversaw all SeeD projects and efforts in Ukraine and supervised the country team in close cooperation with the USAID and the UNDP Recovery and Peacebuilding programme. She was responsible for building alliances, enhancing the evidence-base and policy uptake among stakeholders and managing outreach efforts.